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Elena Werner helps English to Russian translators master complex translation techniques, make educated translation choices and become more confident in their work

Your instructor: Elena Werner, Ph.D.​

I have been an ATA certified English>Russian translator since 2004, and have worked as a certified court interpreter for the states of Oregon and Washington for 19 years.

I provide translation, proofreading and editing services for a number of translation agencies in the Pacific Northwest and work with clients throughout the US and Russia.

I have been teaching translation and interpretation for more than 30 years.

Elena has been ATA-certified (En>Ru) since 2004.

She has been teaching translation and interpretation for more than 30 years.

Elena is a consummate language professional and a talented instructor – considerate, thought-provoking, and engaging.”


Irina Jesionowski, En<>Ru conference and court interpreter, En>Ru translator, participant in the 2018 En>Ru Intensive Course run

your self-editing skills with Elena's workbook

Improve your ability to conduct source text analysis and edit your translation draft

The workbook includes:


  • a detailed source text analysis

  • an edited text by one of Elena's students with track changes marked for easy reference

  • prompts to guide your own source text analysis, your translation review, and your self-editing process

  • Elena's reference translation to compare your final draft to and make plans for ongoing improvement


Work on your English to Russian translation skills with Elena

Individual coaching

For translators getting ready to pass the En>Ru ATA Certification Examination who feel that they need additional help with identifying your weakest points and overcoming them


While sharing of ATA practice tests is not allowed, I can help you prepare for the ATA Certification Examination by going over your translation of a similar text.

In addition to a summary of your errors, I will also prepare my own translation for you, so that you can compare our solutions and approaches.

We will schedule a 30-minute review session on Zoom, so that you can ask me any clarifying questions you might have.


Alternatively, we can work together for a longer period of time before your examination to improve your translation skills and develop strategies for making the most of the 3 hours you have to prepare your translations during the examination.


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