Advanced Translation Theory and Practice Intensive


A language-specific, fully online course with flexible schedule offering En>Ru US-based translators an opportunity to practice application of complex translation techniques in their day-to-day translation projects​

  • work in a small group of motivated colleagues

  • refresh your knowledge of translation theory

  • learn how to apply translation tools in your work

  • learn how to evaluate translation solutions

  • practice explaining your own translation choices

  • become both a better translator and a better editor

Fill the gaps in your understanding of

foundational translation theory principles

You need to have an understanding of translation theory principles to be able to apply them successfully in your work


Advanced Translation Theory and Practice Intensive will include theoretical materials and exercises on the following topics:


  • Translation and linguistic theory of translation

  • Sense of language units and translation

  • Pragmatics of translation

  • Translation models

  • Levels of equivalency

  • Sense equivalency of language units

  • Translation equivalents

  • Translation transformations

  • Grammar transformations

  • Art and strategy of translation

  • work on challenging texts similar to those encountered on the ATA Certification Examination

  • improve your ability to analyze source texts and devise an appropriate approach to tackle advanced challenges

  • train your ability to correctly implement translation theory principles, instead of falling back on personal preferences

  • develop a structured approach that helps save time and effort

  • train your ability to make your target text shine without being unfaithful to the original

Learn how to identify a variety of translation challenges in a cohesive text and find solutions for them


We will start working on each specific technique by working on a series of exercises.


However, in real life translators need to be able to identify a variety of challenges and successfully resolve them to achieve equivalency.

This is why during the course we will be working on improving your ability to analyze complex texts and prepare to tackle them in a systematic manner.

Work together with a group of

motivated, enthusiastic colleagues

Throughout the course we will be working on group exercises and trying our hand at critiquing and improving each other’s translations. While this might sound challenging, since most of us are used to working alone, most class participants have realized – to their surprise – that interaction with their peers was one of the favorite parts of the project.

Working in a group of like-minded translators also means developing a network of colleagues you can trust.

Have your most pressing questions

answered during Office Hour

Office hours will be held every two weeks for 1 hour. Most office hours will be conducted in the “Ask me Anything” format, but Elena may bring in guest speakers if group participants express an interest in a particular topic, for example, in learning how to work in a particular CAT tool.

Advanced Translation Theory and Practice Intensive at a glance


Duration: 5 months, 40 class hours


Maximum number of participants: 4–5


Expected workload: 4–5 hours a week


Class format: weekly classes and an Office Hour once every two weeks


Start date: September 2019

“In our trade, practice does not automatically make perfect. Only deliberate and purposeful practice leads to mastery, and Elena’s course offers a rare opportunity to enhance our translation skills. 

The course is exceptionally well designed. While solving translation riddles and conducting “post-game analysis” was the most enjoyable component of the program, understanding theoretical backing behind linguistic decisions was fascinating, too. The course helped me to enrich my repertoire of translation strategies.

Elena is a consummate language professional and a talented instructor – considerate, thought-provoking, and engaging.”

Irina Jesionowski, En<>Ru conference and court interpreter, En>Ru translator, participant in the 2018 course run

“I was getting ready for the ATA certification exam, but also wanted to work on my EN>RU translation skills in a more personal setting. Most of all I enjoyed Elena's pedagogical skills, our group discussions, learning from peers in a small-group setting. Thanks to the personal feedback, theoretical materials, and the number of exercises we did throughout the course, I feel that my EN>RU "translation muscles" are stronger now. 

My experience of studying with Elena was very pleasant and extremely useful! Unexpectedly, I also enjoyed meeting new colleagues and studying with them in a group.”

Veronika Demichelis, ATA certified English to Russian translator, Core Certification Healthcare Interpreter™, instructor in the Translation and Interpretation Program at Houston Community College, director of professional development for the Houston Interpreters and Translators Association, participant in the 2018 course run

Enrollment opens in August 2019.

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